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grioghair's Journal

14 November 1954
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Originally from London - I now reside in Indiana...and have done since December 1998. I was born in November 1954, making me one of those nice, sociable Scorpios...and I am the youngest of two children - having an older sister, by two years, called Sheila. (My brother, Mike - who was five years my senior - died in February 2005 from liver failure.) Both of my parents have moved on to the afterlife, now...my mother was very close to me, and my father deserted my family when I was just thirteen. My mother succombed to breast cancer early in 1998, and my father from heart trouble several years before that. My maternal grandmother - who died at the age of 104 - was a genuine cockney...being born within the sound of Bow bells.

St. Mary-Le-Bow

My wife, Morganna, is a very talented tarot reader and astrologer...one of the first things she ever did for me - while I was back in England - was draw up a very accurate natal chart. Since I have arrived on these shores, I have been astounded at how accurate her tarot readings always are. She has even got her son, Tristan, interested in tarot cards - which was a struggle to begin with, as he had been indoctrinated with ideas of tarot decks being associated with the devil at public school. Now he loves to flip through the deck - one card at a time - and find out what each card means. My favourite deck is - and always will be - The Robin Wood Deck. The reason is, that it was the first deck that I ever read with - a gift from my wife when I first came to Indiana. (I once did a reading with the Robin Wood deck about the JFK assassination...and the outcome was not in line with the Warren Commission findings.)