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Feb. 28th, 2007 @ 08:54 pm Spring...
The re-modelling begins on the 12th - that is official. We had a couple of guys fetching insulating material and copper pipes in today. They had a store map with Final Plan written on the bottom. We have a store just north of here which we are being modelled on - I want to go and view it when the changes begin. It will be a mess for weeks.

I've nearly clocked up 100 miles on my scooter now. I use it for work daily now. The weather has improved enough to use it again. I am due for a gear oil change in about 60 miles. That is the next thing that I need to learn.

In about five weeks time I might get a raise. I'm still not sure at this point. If it doesn't happen, then it will happen in November. We will see. The last time I got a $2.00 raise. If it doesn't happen until November, then I will only get annual raises from now on. Anyway, spring is almost upon us now. It is time for me to start actively looking for more work. I need to find out exactly what type of work my current job will allow. I have several options: keep my current job and work part-time outside of the grocery business; work full-time in something entirely new, and keep my current job part-time; work full-time in the grocery business at another company and get overtime. I'm still mulling over which I will do. With spring just around the corner, Target will probably be built soon. Maybe that is what I need to work towards - full-time and overtime. Maybe that is all I need. I just want more income - wherever that takes me is where I will go.
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