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Feb. 18th, 2007 @ 07:23 pm Little Richard...
Current Music: Little Richard - Rip It Up
I have gone over to the O&O defragger, and - by way of experiment - to the O&O CleverCache. Once again, those Germans seem to have come out on top. The CleverCache seems to really speed up the loading of cache pages.

I've had two days off from work, and I still feel rundown and tired. But I have been watching some great music on the TV. Last night I caught the movie of Little Richard, which starred Leon Robinson. And then I started watching the re-run of The History of Rock 'n' Roll on VH1. I kinda wished that I had been a teenager in those mid-50 days - I missed a lot. Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Buddy Holly were my heroes - but top of the list just has to be Little Richard. I still love that music, but sure wish I hadn't lived long enough to learn the truth about Chuck Berry.

Morganna and I both feel unwell, but I feel that the weather is improving now. We had a little sun today, and a minor thaw - but nothing to write home about. Tomorrow is the first day of the big thaw. Warmer days ahead will mean my wife can get out of the house more, and start to ride again.

I am considering making a move to a new store in the Spring/Summer sometime. A new Target store is rumoured to be built soon. If they can offer me reasonable money and overtime - read: overtime - then I might consider a move. I don't think my current employer will allow me to work for both companies, so it will probably be one or the other - and as Kroger have no intention of offering me overtime anytime soon, it looks like being the other. I don't mind - one company is much like any other. I do have three years of training behind me, which will count for something. The important thing is I need more money, and I need to start pursuing that now. The weather will break anyday now, and I am glad that it was not any worse than it actually was.

I am wondering whether or not to let my passport lapse. I am not sure or not whether I will actually need it for my citizenship approval, but it lapses on 08/08/07 - two days after I actually apply. That is if I do actually apply then, and not in the new year. So, I have just six months to run on that passport, and then it is all done. Anyway, after a little browsing, I came upon this site - http://www.immigrateusa.us - which is run by an immigration lawyer called David J. Hart. There are some very interesting podcasts generating from that site. It appears that passports only appear to be necessary if you have left the USA a lot on business. As I have only left one time - for three days - it probably won't be that crucial. A UK birth certificate might be enough - coupled with my green card, marriage certificate, etc. The USCIS, this time around, will be looking into background - skirmishes with the law, alimony defaults on previous marriages, etc. None of which apply to me. It should be plain sailing. There is more of the usual bullshit, such as "Have you ever belonged to the Nazi Party or the Communist Party?" I wonder if being the great grandson of Adolf Hitler qualifies me? Something I did learn from those podcasts is that the civics questions are all verbal. In other words, they are asked verbally and you have to answer them the same way.
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