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Feb. 10th, 2007 @ 07:25 pm Bad Weather...on the way
There is to be no overriding of clocking schedules at work. Well...it can be authorised by management, but it is much harder to be authorised now. A few people have been flouting their schedules. One such person was the kid who was thrown out of the dairy several months ago. He just started working the hours that suited him. He worked full shifts, but worked nothing like the hours that were scheduled. That is probably the main reason why overriding has been stopped. I managed to get a concession from the office - due to the bad weather.

So, the kid's reckless re-scheduling has been stopped at source. He started filing a month or so back - a few times a week. Here again he has changed his hours to suit himself. Not anymore. The woman in charge of Filing has told me that she would replace him in a heartbeat if he doesn't tow the line. It's a great shame that his own manager is not more forceful - he is probably the main reason why that kid is such a PITA.

We have a severe weather warning coming in on Monday and Tuesday. After that, the temperatures will be going up. After next weekend, we might be up in the mid-30s again. Maybe I can get my bike out again. This bad weather is becoming tiresome. It is preventing me from pursuing other work. It gives me time to consider whether to change my job, or just pursue extra part-time work, though.

What to do, what to do...

I've been trying to discover what development plans are being pursued locally, but I can't find out anything. They are supposed to be building another Kroger store quite near me in the summer, so I might transfer. The current full-time help we have is pathetic. A nice kid, but a slow kid. He is going to have to go. I think he will probably leave by his own hands soon enough. Even nearer, a Super Target is supposed to be going up in the very near future. I want to try and secure part-time work there, but I don't know if Kroger will allow it. That probably will not happen, which is a shame.

Vista has been cracked wide open. DRM, activation and the six month time-bomb have all been cracked. It was inevitable. However, it is still a system hog. I've been thinking of continuing on with XP, and using Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu. They have come along in leaps and bounds since I last checked them out. Debian and Ubuntu seem to be very closely linked these days, and, if Vista sinks, Debian might even be used by more people. They are developing Windows installers for the Ubuntu line, and Debian too. The nest release of Ubuntu is called Feisty Fawn - due for release around April, I believe. It will be 7.04. I have downloaded all three flavours of ubuntu - they are all freeware. They basically use KDE, Gnome and X desktops. KDE has always been my favourite, so that is probably the one I will go with.
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